How Effective is Herbalife


Herbalife is a company that started selling health and fitness products (such as supplements and shakes) in 1980 that promise its consumers the ability to live a healthy lifestyle. They state that their focus is on keeping people active and in shape, both inside and out.

But, do they really live up to their claims?

Some say Herbalife is great

Studies have shown that Herbalife is extremely effective. In fact, in one study conducted in Seoul, Korea, researchers had 75 obese participants replace two meals daily with Herbalife meal replacement shakes for a period of three months. Some of them had diet plans consisting of 15% protein and the remainder consumed 30% of their calories in protein daily.

Upon completion of the study, it was determined that all subjects lost weight, but those that used the Herbalife shakes with the higher protein (30%), lost more actual fat (as opposed to lean muscle). Researchers concluded that it was the use of Herbalife in conjunction with the greater amounts of protein that brought about such great results.

Some say don’t rush out to buy it

Despite these types of findings, others aren’t so quick to toot Herbalife’s horn. For instance, Jane Korsberg, Senior Instructor of Nutrition at the School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, warns that “the safety and effectiveness of these products can vary with what is contained in them (such as ephedra) as well as the quantity ingested.” So, to advocate a group of products from a given manufacture isn’t necessarily the best approach.

Korsberg recommends consulting with a doctor before beginning any type of vitamin or mineral dietary regimen to make sure it’s suitable for you and your specific bodily needs. She also suggests not exceeding the recommended dosage amount of this, or any nutritional based product as you may receive some unintended side effects.

As with any product available in the health and fitness circle, you’re going to find those that insist it’s the best product available and those that believe it’s a scam. The truth probably lies somewhere in between so this is one area where you have to make your own judgment call.



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