Why Rye Bread is Good for Your Health



If you’re trying to get healthy, undoubtedly the one bread that continuously pops up is 100% whole-wheat. While this sandwich and toast making option is certainly good for you, you don’t have to banish yourself to the wheat department of the store and swear off other breads in the name of health.

The truth is that rye bread is good for you too. Here’s why:

It helps you control your blood sugar levels. Some studies, like one conducted by Lund University in Sweden, suggest that many different rye flours (like endosperm and whole grain rye) are just as capable of keeping your glucose levels as steady as wheat flours. This means that you won’t suffer from the blood sugar highs and lows often associated with bread made from white flour which, as you may already know, isn’t good for you.

It satisfies your hunger for long periods of time. Part of the explanation for this distinct appetite suppressing benefit of rye bread lies in the fact that it controls your blood sugar levels, but it also helps that it is high in bran which is a substance that takes a while for your tummy to digest – leaving you without the hunger pangs that can make eating healthy harder than ever.

It may reduce inflammation in your body. Researchers at the University of Kuopio in Finland found that individuals who consumed a low glycemic diet that included rye had fewer inflammatory issues than test subjects who ate a diet full of oats and wheat.

Don’t be afraid to add rye bread to your grocery list and you will enjoy some great health benefits like these. It’s time to give wheat bread a rest and let your taste buds experience something more. Something just as good for you. Something a little bit of rye.

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