Top 5 Healthy Indian Foods to Eat


Top 5 healthiest Curries to Eat

All over the world, Indian curries have captured the heart of many people. Indian curries are of many different flavors and colors. Various kinds of spices are added to the curries which makes them very delicious. Many people believe that curries are unhealthy but they are wrong in their assessment. There are many curries which are very healthy. Now let us check the top 5 healthiest curries.


1) Green Chilli Mushrooms


To make Green Chilli, you should have green chilli pickle-2 grams, ginger-5 grams, morrel-15 grams, garlic-50 grams, mushroom button-600 grams, cumin powder-20 grams, black pepper powder, javitri ellaci powder, garam masala powder & chopped mint-10 grams each, cooking cream-200 ml, chopped onion-100 grams, salt-20 grams and ghee-1 tbs.


1) Wash the mushrooms.

2) In a pan, heat the ghee. Add and sauté chopped onion & garlic along with salt and mushroom. On slow fire, cook it.

3) In hot water, soak the morels. Once they are soft, cut them into roundels.

4) Now add the morels, black powder, cumin powder and double cream in the pan with mushroom.

5) Now add green chillies, javitri ellachi powder and chopped mint to the dish. Serve it.

2) Dal Makhni


To make Dal Makhni, you should have Garam Masala-20 grams; Ginger and Garlic Paste-30 grams each; Coriander, Chilli and Cumin Powder-50 grams each; Tomato Puree, Butter and Black Gram-800 grams each.


1) The Dal should be washed with water, salt and vinegar.

2) Boil it for 14 minutes.

3.1) Saute garlic-ginger paste, red chilli powder, cumin powder and coriander powder.

3.2) Add Tomato Puree.

3.3) Cook for few minutes. Now add the cooked dal and salt in it.

3) Prawn Curry


To make Prawn Curry, you should have mustard seeds, turmeric powder, red chilli powder and coriander powder-10 grams each; green chilli-5 grams; cooking salt-10 grams; ginger-25 grams; ghee-50 grams; prawns-400 grams; lemon juice-50 grams; fresh coriander-60 grams; yoghurt-90 grams and fresh tomato puree-300 grams.


1) Clean the prawns.

2) Cut green chilly and fresh coriander.

3) To marinade the prawns, apply turmeric, lemon juice and salt to it. Leave it for 7 minutes.

4) In a pan, heat the ghee and add fresh tomato puree, chopped green chilli and mustard seeds. Now cook.

5) Now add yoghurt in the pan for cooking the gravy.

6) Add dry spices and salt.

7) In another pan, saute the prawns and than add it to the gravy. Now serve.

4) Parcha Paneer


To make Parcha Paneer, you should have ghee-1 tablespoon, green cardamom, deghi mirch (chilli), kaju paste-100 grams, chopped onion-150 grams, chopped tomato, salt, turmeric powder, black pepper powder, chopped green chilli-10 grams, cream and paneer-300 grams each.


1) In a large pan, add ghee and heat it.

2) Now add crushed black pepper, green chilli and chopped ginger in the pan.

3) Now add kaju paste and cream. Cook everything in the pan.

4) Now add black pepper powder and salt.

5) Cut cubes of paneer into small pieces.

6) Now pour the prepared gravy on the paneer.

7) Serve it.

5) Methi Murgh


To make Methi Murgh, you should have coriander, tomato, tomato gravy and methi leaves – 100 grams each; red chilly powder- 3 grams; garlic & ginger paste-25 grams; chicken stock-200 ml, chopped onion-150 grams, turmeric powder-5 grams; ginger-20 grams; chicken boneless-500 grams; green chilly-10 grams and garam masala powder-10 grams.


1) In a pan, heat the ghee. Add and sauté chopped onion and methi leaves.

2) Add garlic & ginger paste, dry spices, chopped tomatoes and chicken pieces. On slow fire, cook it.

3) Now add chicken stock. Keep cooking till it is done.

4) Garnish it with chopped coriander. Serve it.

Enjoy the above mentioned curries and let us know your views.

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