Why low carb diets work

Why low carb diets work - Fitness Health



Having a low-carb diet is great for speedy weight loss, it also has the added benefit from reducing heart disease, by regulating your appetite with higher protein foods.

Higher protein foods will help you feel less hungry, this is why when you eat a expensive meal you feel  full, their are less items on the plate, but their is more healthy protein which helps you feel full.

A low carb diet is the foundation of TNT (Targeted Nutrition Tactics).

Limiting carbohydrates helps keep your glycogen and insulin levels low and help keep your body in fat-burning mode.

Studies have shown that eating a low carbohydrate diet can help reduce your appetite.

You can consume a combination of different foods.

Avoid foods with more than 12 g of carbs per serving, stay away from high complex carbs such as pasta, bread and rice.

When making your choice look for high quality proteins like fish, chicken, turkey, beef, pork and egg.

You will benefit from eating more natural fats like butter, avocados, cream, olive oil, rapeseed oil, nuts and seeds.

New research has shown that saturated fat doesn’t rise your risk of heart disease when its part of a low carb diet.


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