To control your weight and obesity, you must control your daily calorie count. Many people don’t realize how much calories take are subjecting their body to per day unintentionally. A biscuit here and a muffin there may not seem much, but it does spike your calorie count. You won’t notice, but all these calories will gradually turn in to stubborn fat that will take years and extreme to go away.

If you don’t want to get sucked into the vicious cycle of calorie count and consume, you will need to burn those extra calories. But what are the most effective ways to do so? There are many recipes, DIY remedies as well as pills and medicines that one can take to burn those calories, but how to know the most effective ones? Read ahead, to know the three most effective ways to reduce your daily calorie intake.

The recommended calorie count for an adult male is 2500 and for an adult female is 2000, but it varies depending on the weight, activity level as well as lifestyle and height of the person.

1.      Staying in the Daily Count Range:

First thing’s first, you need to know the daily count range for your calories according to your weight, gender, height, and general health. Once you know the limit, stick to it. You will need a chart to count your daily calorie intake. Once you start jotting down every tiny bit you have taken with the estimate of calories, you will begin to feel responsible about it. This will help you reduce your daily count to the required number. Once you get in the routine of counting your calories, you will stop automatically at the desired amount.

2.      Water:

Almost all doctors will suggest increasing your water intake if you want to go on a diet and burn off those extra calories. Drinking a tall glass of water fills you up instantly, and since water has no calories, it will not affect your weight. The good habit of drinking water will also keep you away from sodas and juices that have countless calories in one glass only. Water doesn’t only help you reduce your daily calorie count, but also enables you to get rid of the toxins of your body and gives you glowing skin. Another great tip is to time your water, drinking a full glass of water before meals keep you from eating a lot. You can lower your calories count by 13% if you drink one good glass of water before every meal.

3.      Avoid Sugar:

Sweet tea, sweet coffee, sodas, shakes, and juices are full of sugar, and this is no secret. This is what we call drinking your calories. One liter bottle of carbonated drink contains more than six tablespoons of sugar. An average cup of coffee or tea has 2 tablespoons of sugar. We all may know about this, but we don’t acknowledge that is these are a huge factor in our calorie intake. Sodas, juices, and shakes are a big no when you are on a low-calorie diet. Also, cut back the sugar in your tea and coffee. Either drink less coffee/tea or sugarless coffee/tea. Many salad dressings also have a considerable amount of sugar, try and eat the salad without the dressings.


There are many ways that can help you reduce your calorie count; all you have to do is to be consistent. Make your food from scratch and know what you are putting in it, stay away from cheese and sauces that add a lot to your calories. Your health is in your hands, be mindful of what you put in your mouth.


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