How do you resist eating snacks / junk food?

How do you resist eating snacks / junk food? - Fitness Health

It can be tricky to resist fatty foods and sweet treats when you are trying to stick to a healthy diet. Here are some tips to help you steer clear of these temptations:

We crave what we eat. If you eat healthy foods, your body will crave these more than crisps and chocolate. 

Chewing gum or drinking sugar-free drinks, such as Diet Coke, can help to curb cravings. They are great for if you are craving something sweet.

Resistance is hard, but choosing what you want to eat is empowering. Instead of defeating a craving, put it to the back of your mind until after dinner or a workout. This could also make you eat less of the treat. If you wait to indulge, you will savour the treat more.


The pleasure of eating something sweet only last for three minutes, leaving you with feelings of frustration and regret afterwards. Acknowledging your problems is the first step to overcoming them. Writing about what is making you feel bad and then tearing it up can make it easier to let your negative feelings go, along with taking a walk or cuddling up to a pet. Don’t be upset about the past, as those who didn’t criticise themselves over past failures ate less treats than those who did.


Eat sweet treats in small portions, and they’ll be just as satisfying as big ones. Also, concentrate on what you’re eating so you will consume less calories later on.


Decide whether you’re actually hungry or not. Your body tells you when you need to eat, but cravings are a suggestion and not an order. Visualising yourself eating a sweet treat can also suppress your cravings, and make your brain think you’ve actually eaten it.


Don’t use food as a reward for hard work, and instead focus on how eating healthily has paid off. Think of all the benefits, and relish the pride that you feel as a result. This will make you want to stay on your healthy path.

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