Best Low Carb Alcoholic Drinks

If you’re watching the carbs you consume, then you’ve likely already realized that this type of diet cuts many alcoholic drinks out of your available selection. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend your low-carb days without being able to enjoy an adult beverage from time to time. There are a few different alcoholic options that will satisfy your taste buds without providing the carbohydrates that you’re trying to limit or avoid.

They include:

  • Rum, gin, bourbon and vodka. All of these common mixing alcohols contain absolutely zero carbs per ounce. Drink them on the rocks (which means a little bit of ice for you alcohol novices) or mix them with your diet soda or seltzer water of choice for added flavor without added carbohydrates.
  • Beer. Sometimes a beer just tastes good. Whether after a hard day of working out in the sun or while watching your favorite sport, you can drink low-carb brew and know that you are still within your desired range as these reduced carb options contain only around 2.4 grams per 12 ounce can. They are much lower than their full-carb counterparts (which come in at around 13-14 grams for the same serving size), and even light beer is another option at between 5 and 6 grams.
  • Champagne. No celebration is complete without a glass of bubbly, which you can freely enjoy even if you are watching your carbs because this is another carbohydrate free alcoholic option. Now your New Year’s and anniversaries can be honored without guilt, and without having to go alcohol free.
  • Wine. You can enjoy a glass of vino and still watch your carbs as each 3.5 ounce portion has roughly 2-3 carbs each. This applies whether it is white Sauvignon, red, or rosé.

These are just a few options to consider if you want to enjoy your night out without abstaining from alcohol completely. However, be sure to not overdo it as just because these drinks are low-carb or carb free doesn’t mean that they don’t have calories; but that is a different subject completely…


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