5 Weird Ways to Lose Weight

While it is definitely true that watching what you eat and getting regular, physical activity will help you lose weight, sometimes it is fun to shake things up a bit. After all, if you make weight loss enjoyable, you’re more likely to stick with the process.

So, what can you to do achieve your goal in a way that gets you excited about finally shedding those extra pounds you’ve been carrying versus boring you to tears with the same old diet advice? Try these five not-so-conventional weight loss methods (that do work, by the way):

  • Change your seat at the dinner table. The theory behind this out-of-the-box weight loss method is that the closer you sit to the bread basket and family-style platters of food in the middle of the table, the more you’ll eat. Sit at the end of the table though, and you will likely take less food in.
  • See red (or blue). A recently released study suggests that eating on red tableware reduces your desire to overeat and a similar one found the same with blue. If that’s the case and you have a lot to lose, maybe you’ll want to use red and blue silverware too?
  • Put a mirror in your dining area. When you have to watch yourself take in bite after bite, you tend to consume 1/3 fewer calories according to one particular study. It makes your eating mindful, which is in and of itself a great diet tool.
  • Clean your house. Not only does the physical act of cleaning help you burn more calories, but research suggests that organizing your environment helps stave off cravings and lowers your desire to mindlessly snack.
  • Take a picture of everything you eat. Record your daily intake via photographs on your smartphone and you’re likely to take in less because it makes you think before you eat.

Try these slightly unconventional weight loss methods and see how they work for you. Have fun with the process and it will work much more easily.

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