The Truth About Metabolic Rate




If you’ve searched online for the “secret” to weight loss, it is highly likely that you’ve encountered your fair share of articles that talk about metabolic rate. They tell you that in order to raise yours, you need to lose your excess weight. However, it isn’t quite that simple.

Size Matters

Certainly, you don’t want to overeat if your intention is to drop pounds, but what most health “experts” fail to tell you is that as you get smaller, your metabolism gets slower. That’s right. The bigger you are, the faster your metabolism.

Does this mean that you should eat all of the fast food you want in order to gain mass so that you lose it? Not at all. It just means that you need to increase your size the healthy way. By adding muscle instead of fat.

The Whole Truth About Your Metabolism

You see, muscle burns more calories than fat and weighs more per square inch too. This means that the more muscle you can put on your body, the more you will increase your metabolism and the thinner you will be. You can’t just focus on weight loss because the smaller you get, the harder it will be to drop the pounds.

To accomplish this goal, you can use resistance bands to get a strength training workout that will create some serious muscle tone. These bands allow you to pick the strength you need for the greatest results, using different tensions for different body parts.

Aim to work out with them 2-4 times per week so that you build your muscles effectively. Also, allow 24-48 hours between each workout session so that they your muscles have adequate time to heal, and to lower your risk of overuse injuries.

What has been your experience with gaining muscle to increase your metabolism? What have you found works best?

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