Want to Stay Fuller Longer? Eat More Protein!




If you’ve followed this blog at all, then you’ve learned that protein is essential to a healthy body. It gives your muscles the nutrients they need to grow big and strong, and it supplies an amazing amount of vitamins and minerals that your body requires to attain maximum health. But it has one other benefit as well. Protein also makes you stay fuller longer. How?

Protein and Hunger

For starters, protein helps derail your hunger because it is harder for your body to digest than most carbs, so it stays in your system longer. To test this theory, eat a chicken breast for lunch and see how long it takes you to get hungry. 

The next day, eat a candy bar and see if you are satisfied for the same length of time. You likely won’t be, thereby proving that protein is more beneficial to satisfying your hunger. Another reason is that protein is essential to keeping your blood sugar stable, which also diminishes your cravings and other uncontrollable impulses to eat. 

Once you consume a sugary food or beverage that spikes your blood sugar, your body will release insulin in an effort to combat it, which usually results in your blood sugar lowering drastically, giving you that crash that makes you want more of whatever you ate. However, if you have a protein instead, you won’t send your blood sugar on this roller coaster ride, making your tummy satisfied for longer lengths of time.

Additionally, a lot of proteins have vitamin B, which helps give you energy. When you’re busy living life and taking part in the activities you enjoy, you’re not going to think about hunger and what you want to eat. You will be creating memories instead!

What are your favorite appetite-controlling proteins?

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