Are frozen vegetables healthy?

What is the main difference between eating fresh or frozen vegetables

Eating raw fresh vegetables is always the best way to ensure your getting all the whole nutrients from your vegetables.

But often vegetables like spinach, peas and corn come in frozen packages.

Are these foods still good when frozen?

Eating vegetables are always good including frozen vegetables too.

Most of the vegetables that are sold from fresh sometimes lose their nutrients before they reach our mouths. Frozen vegetables are treated in a different way, when the frozen vegetables are picked they're frozen straight away making sure the farmer gets the most from his harvest and preventing any decay or rotting. Goodness has been locked away in the process of freezing foods. The nutritional value of the frozen vegetable and keeps for much longer than that of a fresh vegetable.

Frozen fruits and vegetables hold more nutrients ! for the main reason we can't tell how long the process has taken from leaving the farm to reaching your plate.

If you grow your own vegetables you know the time scale, If you have the luxury of having the space for this method then this is the best way by far. As you not only cut down time it takes to reach your mouth, but also you know what, where and how your vegetables have grown.



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