4 health tips to help you survive the christmas holidays with your waistline intact

 Help You Survive the Christmas Holidays with Your Waistline Intact

Christmas is the one time of year that makes it hard to get and stay healthy. With buffet tables abundant with not-so-nutritious options, it can make the holidays more stressful than enjoyable if you’re trying to improve your health and wellness and feel constantly at odds with the food around you.

However, you don’t have to fear this time of year and risk sliding backwards on your health goals any longer. Simply follow these four tips and you’ll be able to get and stay on track despite all of the goodies around you:

Watch your portions. One of the biggest causes of weight gain during the holidays is portion size. You can’t eat heaping bowls and plates full of high fat food and not expect to suffer the consequences. Allow yourself your favorites, but keep the portion sizes in check so that you don’t go overboard.

Be choosy. If you try to deprive yourself and not let yourself enjoy some of your holiday favorites, you’re likely to set yourself up for a binge when the pressure becomes too much. Instead, just choose to eat the foods you can only find this time of year (like Grandma’s famous apple pie or Aunt Olga’s homemade fudge) and let everything else go.

Get more active. There are two ways to burn calories: eating less than you need or exercise more. Since you likely won’t be eating less, you can deal with some of the excess calories you will be consuming by exercising more.

Focus on family. Holidays are more than the food; they are about spending time with precious family and friends and making memories. Choose to focus on this one fact and you’ll be less likely to be drawn to the buffets and dessert tables and get closer to your loved ones instead.


Keep the holidays pleasant and still meet your health and fitness goals at the same time by using these four tips. Who knows? You may start looking forward to them every year!

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