Do fitness toning shoes make you lose weight?

The Toning Shoe

Two years ago was the birth of the fitness toning shoe. A new fitness revolution started with the new style fitness shoes that would force more range of motion with each step made. The shoes were first launched by American shoe giant Stretchers,  since then we have seen a large number of different brands launch they’re version of toning fitness shoes.

How do they work ?

True, they’ll work more range of motion which will incorporate different muscles,but you will not lose weight? do the shoes have a special way of working from normal shoes ?

Dr John Mercer from the University of Nevada has tested the toning shoes on a treadmill, taking measurements of calorie burning and muscle contraction. The test showed that muscle contraction and oxygen consumption were near identical in toning shoes or walking shoes.

“There is no simple evidence that these shoes will help wearers burn more calories or improve muscle strength and tone‘, says Dr Mercer.

If the toning shoes make you want to walk more then that’s good for fitness and you should use them. If you use them like normal shoes then wont see a massive difference for normal shoes. In the tests there we no amazing toning breakthroughs with footwear. Still the best way to lose weight and tone is with exercise.



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