Three different body metabolism types

Vegetarian, Dual-Metabolism and Fast Metabolism.



When you consume a large amounts of protein in one meal you often feel tired. This means you could be a vegetarian body type, you burn carbohydrates and sugar very slowly leaving your body to feel bloated or heavy. Is this you? If so you should eat more complex carbs which are easy to break down and small amounts of good protein (tofu).



Most common body metabolism. We balance well in dual-metabolism keeping a good link between protein and carbohydrates which we consume, but these two are not eaten at the same time. For a healthy diet on dual-metabolising you should make more combinations between fats, proteins, carbs and dairy products. Making sure you eat a correct balance is important


If you feel athletic or energetic after eating a large protein based meal's,  it's likely you fall into the Fast-metabolising category. Normally Protein is broken down fast in the liver concerted into glycogen then converted into glucose which produces energy for the body. The best metabolism but not guaranteed to stay that way.

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