Are Diet or Zero sugar drinks good for you ?

Are Diet or Zero sugar drinks good for you ?


We all read articles with regards to why sugary drinks are bad for us, but are we misled into thinking ‘diet coke’ is better.

The truth is that Diet Soda (soft drinks) trick our brain into thinking it is a sweet drink, when really it isn’t. The brain reads a message sent from our taste buds, message that’s sent says the drink is heavy in sugars therefore it releases large amounts of insulin to transport the sugars around our bodies, insulin is released from our liver, it is only wasted when it finds there is no sugar entering the blood stream.

The more insulin released the more our chance of gaining diabetes.

I believe these drinks are linked to the increase type 1 diabetes. Diabetes is on the increase and has been for the last 20 years, we consume sugars in many different forms. In this day and age sometimes choosing a brand with a diet logo doesn’t necessary mean healthier for our bodies.

By tricking our brain we are doing more harm than good if anything stay with normal sugared drinks.

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