The Lipotrim Diet


There are so many diets available on the market today, it can be difficult to decide which one to try in an effort to finally reach your weight loss goal. Well, one that you may want to consider is the Lipotrim diet. Then let’s talk about what it is so you know whether or not it is right for you.

The Lipotrim Diet

The Lipotrim website defines the Lipotrim diet as a “specialized Weight Management Programme run by pharmacies across the UK and Ireland.” Although GP surgeries have used it since 1987, it wasn’t open to the pharmacies until 2000. However, now that pharmacies can use it, that makes it more readily available to you.

Specifically, the Lipotrim diet involves using nutritionally complete food replacements instead of eating normal foods. These include drinks of various flavors, chicken soup, and flapjacks, which you consume according to their recommendations to ensure that you get enough nutrients to support weight loss.

One major positive of this program is that you don’t have to figure out what foods you can and cannot eat. Plus, when you follow the program, you can lose up to a stone a month if you’re a woman, or a stone and a half if you’re a man.

The Process

To start, you must complete a medical screening to determine whether the program is safe for you to follow. Then, if you are accepted, you go to the pharmacy weekly to pick up your products, have your weight measured, and submit a urine sample so the pharmacist can keep track of your ketones. (Your ketone levels show whether or not you are following the program and if you are drinking enough water.)

Once you lose the weight you want, then you go on a maintenance plan that involves returning to eating regular food in addition to using specific Lipotrim products such as desserts, drinks, soups, and bars.

If you feel like this diet may be suitable for you, you may wish to see a list of participating pharmacies. Who knows? This may be your last diet ever!

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