Healthy Recipes for Diets that Work

There are four types of diets:

  1. unhealthy diets that don’t work,
  2. unhealthy diets that do work,
  3. healthy diets that don’t work, and
  4. healthy diets that work.

Of course, if you want to achieve and maintain lifelong weight loss in the safest way possible, that requires following the fourth type, a healthy diet that works.

To make this process easier and more fun, it helps to find some of the best and tastiest recipes for your diet of choice. Here are a few 5-star main dishes to consider trying based on the healthy diet that you’re interested in most, courtesy of

Low Carb: Marinated Grilled Shrimp

If you love seafood, you’re going to love this marinated grilled shrimp recipe. By combining ingredients like tomato sauce, red wine vinegar, and olive oil with salt, cayenne pepper, and basil, you’ll create a wonderful marinade that results in flavorful shrimp that are ready after soaking for as little as 30-60 minutes.

High Protein Diet: Rosemary Roasted Turkey

This 5-star turkey recipe helps you create a turkey that is seasoned to perfection using olive oil, garlic, rosemary, basic, and just a couple of other mouthwatering spices. Simply mix them together in a small bowl and then spread them between the skin and the turkey meat using your fingers. Throw it in the oven and cook the bird at 165 degrees C until the meat reaches a safe 80 degrees. Your taste buds (and waistline) will thank you.

High Fiber Diet: Muesli

You can make your own breakfast cereal by mixing together flavorful high-fiber ingredients such as rolled oats, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and brown sugar. Perhaps the best thing about this particular recipe is that it keeps for two full months, allowing you to eat it whenever you crave something sweet yet filling.

What are your favorite recipes for your healthy diet that works?

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