Why Drinking Beer Makes You Fat

Why Drinking Beer Makes You Fat - Fitness Health

 beer makes you fat

If you like your lager and ales, then you might notice that your midsection isn’t as thin as it could be. Even if you don’t have a “beer belly” per se, it’s likely that you are carrying around some extra weight as a result of your drinking habits, making you wonder why beer makes you fat.

For starters, there are calories in beer. In fact, one can of regular beer can contain anywhere from 120 to 160 calories or more (especially if you prefer stouts). Even most light beers come in between 60 and 110 calories apiece, so if you kick back a few of these in one sitting, then you’re getting a meal’s worth of calories without even considering the foods you’ve eaten too.

Speaking of foods, when you drink beer, you’re less likely to make healthy food choices because alcohol loosens your inhibitions. That’s why cheesy nachos, greasy hamburgers, and a variety of fried foods are easier to order when you’re out drinking some brews. This adds to your waistline for sure, particularly if you tend to imbibe on beer and high-fat foods often.

A third reason drinking beer makes you fat has to do with your liver. When you consume alcohol, one of your liver’s primary functions is to burn the alcohol to get it out of your system. This means that it isn’t available to burn your excess fat, so you’re probably not going to lose any weight…and might even notice a gain.

All of these reasons added together are why drinking beer can make you fat. While it’s okay to enjoy your favorite lager or ale, just remember that the more you indulge, the more the scale will likely show it. Instead, keep your consumption to a minimum and your weight will be more inclined to follow suit.

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