3 Best Winter Warmer Drinks

3 Best Winter Warmer Drinks - Fitness Health

 3 Best Winter Warmer Drinks

With the temperatures outside steadily dropping, there’s nothing quite as soothing to the body as a warm winter drink. Not only does it feel good on your fingers to hold a piping hot mug, but it also manages to warm the rest of your body from the inside out too. So, if you’re looking for a winter warmer drink that is as beneficial to your health as it is pleasing to your taste buds, here are the three best ones to try:

  1. Dark Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a mug of hot chocolate in the wintertime? To make yours just as delicious yet a bit healthier, use dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate as it has been found to be better for your heart, brain power, and blood sugar. It’s easy too. Just mix fat-free milk with dark chocolate chips, adding some vanilla extract and a touch of salt to make it even tastier.

  1. Hot Spiced Green Tea

Green tea’s antioxidants are known to prevent damage on a cellular level, which means greater protection against illness and disease. Add gingerroot, lemon peel, cinnamon, and honey by following this recipe and you’ll have a healthy winter warmer drink that also soothes your tummy, improves your immunity, and more!

  1. Hot Apple Cider

If you prefer a drink that tastes a little fruitier but is still super good for you, hot apple cider is a great way to go. Apples can protect your body against cancer and your mind from getting Alzheimer’s and the addition of cloves and ginger also means reduced inflammation, lower cancer risk, and less gas and bloating.

Which one of these look the best to you? Feel free to share below! Or, if you have your own favorite winter warmer drink, share that too so others can try it as well!

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