The Best Seven Sugar-Free Drinks For Energy

The Best Seven Sugar-Free Drinks For Energy - Fitness Health

 The Best Seven Sugar-Free Drinks For Energy

Energy drinks are beverages that contain stimulants like caffeine which helps in physical and mental stimulation. While there are many energy drinks available on the market, not all of them provide an energy boost.

Their advertisement may look promising, but many of them contain sugar, and their intake may leave you feeling sick and jittery. These energy drinks are often marketed as dietary supplements and contain a high amount of caffeine sometimes up to 200 mg and almost a quarter cup of sugar thus they are not an ideal drink option.        

The best sugar-free drinks

Although most of the available energy drinks do not provide the necessary stimulants, there are some energy drinks that do give you that sugar-free natural boost. These drinks are:

  1. Runa Clean Energy (Original Zero)

This energy drink contains no sugar and only 120 mg of caffeine. This drink is special because it uses guayusa which is a native plant of the Amazon rainforest. This plant has double the antioxidant capacity than green tea and is capable of heightening awareness and helps to prevent sleep. The caffeine content in this drink helps you to focus and calm your brain thus providing a jolt of sugar-free energy.

  1. Ito En Ocha green tea

Although this drink contains only 60 mg of caffeine, it does provide some great detox benefits, especially when taken before a work-out. According to a recent survey people who drank this tea along with half an hour of exercise lost two pounds more than those who did not drink this tea before exercising.

This green tea contains various compounds known as catechins. These compounds get rid of adipose tissues by accelerating overall metabolism rates and increasing the fat burning capacity of the liver.

  1. Petey’s Bing Beverage

Petey’s Bing beverage contains taurine which is an amino acid that improves athletic performance by providing an energy boost. According to a recent study, people who took 500 mg of taurine three times every day were able to increase their duration of exercise. This drink also contains bing cherries that are rich in polyphenols which can provide a positive boost to your cardiovascular health and reduce inflammation.

  1. FRS One Peach Mango

This unique drink contains Quercetin which is an antioxidant that increases the production of mitochondria in our cells. These energy-producing units provide similar effects to those of exercise. A daily dose of 25 mg of quercetin supplementation increases overall stamina and reduces exhaustion.

  1. Red Bull

Red Bull tastes like soda and is quite delicious. It contains very little sugar and does not taste like an energy drink that is why it is used around the globe. It contains 136 mg of caffeine which can give you the needed boost of energy you desire. It comes in many flavors such as blueberry, sugar-free and tangerine so that you can choose one that suits your taste buds.

  1. Alo awaken

The energy booster in this drink is wheat grass. This drink does not contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives or caffeine and provides the requisite energy boost with the help of wheatgrass which is a plant full of chlorophyll that oxygenates the body by increasing the production of red blood cells in it. It also provides a powerful immunity boost that increases healing time by 25%.      

  1. Bai 5

This great drink for dieters contains only 35 mg of caffeine but is abundant in white tea and contains 220 g of it. These antioxidants target fat cells by breaking them down and blocking the further formation of fat cells. It provides an energy boost to the overall metabolism while simultaneously releasing fat from fat cells. It is available in many amazing flavors such as blueberry, mango, and coconut.

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