This Is How Healthy Diet Starts Changing Your Body within Minutes

This Is How Healthy Diet Starts Changing Your Body within Minutes - Fitness Health


Have you ever thought about why are you asked to live a healthy life? Why are you being constantly asked to have a healthy diet? Just to look good in the pictures? Or to have that run way figure? No. it is so that your body can live its full life within a given amount of time.

There is no escaping from the fact that every living thing has to face eminent death. Each living creature will eventually age out, but the important part here is not the destination, it is the journey. It is completely up to you how you want to live your life, constantly having health issues or just enduring a little bit of pain i.e. exercise and dieting, and then enjoying your life as a happy and healthy human being? I am sure it will be the latter.

All said and done, in this day and age, where everyone wants to be in the know-how of everything, how many of you have actually thought about the fact of as to why are we forced to eat broccoli and not steak? Why is it, that zucchini is considered healthy whereas a zinger gets a big no-no from the experts? How is it that a few carbs or vitamins effect your body? Is it all actually true or are our doctors just plain old sadists?

Well, let’s find out, how exactly our body responds to eating ‘allegedly’ healthy meals. As per experts opinion, our body starts to sing a different healthier) tune within the first twenty minutes of our healthy food intake.

  1. The first 20 minutes:

According to a celebrated professor and clinical research doctor in Iowa University, the naturally present bacteria in our bowels (also commonly known as intestines) multiply whatever kind of naturally present bacteria found in our food every twenty minutes. Therefore, if we are eating food filled with calcium and vitamins, then our bowel bacteria will multiply that and in case of any fatty intake via Mc Donald or Pizza, out bowel bacteria will multiply them.

So, the dynamics of our organs start to change extremely early in the process. We are not just aware of it.

  1. The next few hours:

As we are so dejected by the fact that we had to say adios to all the mouthwatering fast food, we seldom stop to recognize all the good things happening inside our body, though to be honest they are happening extremely subtly.

As our brain has a direct connection with our stomach and digestive system, what we consume directly effects our brain. In the case of excessive amount of sugar intake there is a distinct sense of brain inflammation, also known as sugar rush. This particular reaction results in slow brain process and distraction after the initial rush passes down. As opposed to it, if the body consumes starch and non-starchy vegetables, the brain feels re vitalized and rejuvenates. The brain functions starts to get better as the hours pass by.

  1. The next 3 days:

As the hours turn into days, and the remaining fatty cells starts to deteriorate, the hormones starts to balance themselves, and the insulin level dials back down to normal. The absence of processed food can do wonders to a human body within a couple of days.

  1. Next 2 weeks:

As always, the patient’s energy level increases, they are more alert of their surroundings, their friend’s well-beings, and their own emotions. They start to take more responsibility for themselves and of their actions.

  1. Within the first month:

As simple as the fact that the earth rotates around the sun, sugary drinks, having caffeine as their main ingredient, can soak up naturally present water and sugar from within a body. This alone can result in dry and easily breakable skin. Whereas, eating and drinking better will result in a much noticeable hydrated and revitalized skin.

  1. The first 6 weeks:

If you have made it this far, you will definitely notice a more stable weight, less hair fall, and less mood swings.

  1. The next 5 years:

A living organism’s DNA contains small part by the name of Telomeres. With the passage of time Telomeres gets shorter, and as it gets shorter, it signals the body and organs to age. It has been observed that with a vegetables dominant diet, the Telomeres tend to get larger in size, therefore, their signals become weaker, to the point of being negligent.

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