2 Types of human metabolism's


When you consume a large amounts of protein in one meal then you often feel tired. This could mean that you could be a vegetarian body type, meaning that you  normally burn carbohydrates and sugar very slowly leaving your body to feel bloated or heavy, does this happen to you? If so you should eat more complex carbs like pasta, fruit and bread this will make it easier for you to break down and small amounts of good protein and store protein faster. 



Most common body metabolism. We often balance well in dual-metabolism keeping a good link between proteins and carbohydrates in which we eat, these two nutrients should not be eaten at the same time and should be kept apart for faster intake into our body energy system. For a healthy diet on dual-metabolising you should make more combinations between fats and proteins then complex carb food products should be kept seperate . Making sure you eat a correct balance is vital

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