Why we need good fat's in our daily diet

What is fat used for 

Fat is an essential nutrient in a balanced diet, we need fat in foods for many different reasons. Firstly it supplies us with energy and essential nutrients. It helps our body by cushioning our bones from any damage and delivering our body much needed warmth.Fat is a major structural component of our cells and our membranes needed for growth and repair of tissues.


Types of fat 

Fats come in two different forms we have saturated fat and unsaturated fat . The difference between these fats is quite easy to explain often you find saturated fats are much harder than unsaturated fats. For example when kept at room temperature unsaturated fats will have an oily texture where as saturated fat can be seen more clearly, the white hard pieces which you find on a joint of meat are 100% saturated fat. Unsaturated fats will be found in bottles such like olive oil, vegetable oil and fish oil. These days we find more trans fatty acids within our food products, the process that takes place to make this transformation is by no means a natural method. Hydrogen atoms placed into our vegetable oils to reduce the number of double bonds making the oils turn to solid; thus making them easier to spread. This is a reason why there is still an on going argument to whether margarine is more healthier for you rather than butter. Is Natural the better way ? What is becoming clearer as time goes bye we find that bad fats, meaning saturated and trans fats, increase the risk for certain diseases like CHD, while good fats, meaning monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, lower the risk . Fat is an important nutrient which we need for survival the key is to balance your intake less saturated and more unsaturated fats with carbohydrates, proteins and don't forget regular exercise !

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