Great Foods that battle Cancer






A Study was conducted by Cancer Institute Canada. They found that leeks provide an amazing source vitamins B6 and C, folic acid and iron. try placing leeks into more foods eat,for example you can do this by replacing leek instead of onion.


Recipe idea for leek ; leek and potato soup is a great winter warmer easy to prepare and great tasting. 3 leeks, 2 peeled potatoes, 600ml vegetable stock. boil together for 30 minutes then blend. 


Is the source of vitamin B-12, contains high traces of Iron and is great for cleansing the liver. 

Recipe idea

Brussel Sprouts 

These are a great source of vitamin A, calcium, folacin and potassium, high in fibre and great disease fighters. I always trim and steam my Brussels sprouts, be careful not to overcook, as you can easily lose the nutrients and often leave them tasting soggy.

Recipe idea for sprouts ;

lice them, place in pan with hot oil and garlic, add soy sauce, lemon juice and a little sugar amazing sprouts.

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