Why We Need Carbs



Are you in a love/hate relationship with carbs? Do you love how they make you feel, but hate the way they make you look with the unwanted weight gain that generally comes with them? You may be tempted to give them up entirely, but you shouldn’t because your body actually needs carbs. Let me explain.

Carbs Are Energy

If you’ve ever gone on a low-carb diet then you know that cutting out or severely restricting this one food group leaves you feeling lifeless. You barely have enough energy to tie your shoes, let alone go for a run in them, which is one of the reasons arbs are so important. They put the pep in your step and give you the oomph that you need to get things done.

Carbs Are Good For Your Brain

Carbs are also very good for your mental focus too. In fact, if you don’t eat enough of them, you will likely feel as if you are in a brain fog. You’ll find it more difficult to concentrate on the task at hand and you’ll have a harder time finding solutions to the problems that ail you.

Carbs Contain Vitamins and Minerals

Admittedly, processed carbs that center around white flour and white sugar aren’t good for your body, but other carbs such as fruit and whole grains have a much more positive effect. Therefore, you’ll want to create your diet around these types of nutrient-filled foods and stay away from processed carbs such as crackers, chips, and sweet desserts.

Carbs Have Fiber

In addition to having an ample supply of nutrients, a lot of healthy carbs contain a decent amount of fiber (think apples, oatmeal, and barley). This keeps your digestive system functioning so that you don’t struggle with loose or hard stools.

It’s okay, and even welcome, to eat carbs, just make sure they’re the healthy ones. What are your favorite “good” carbs?

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