Best seeds for nutrition pumpkin and sunflower.


Pumpkin seeds

Pimp up your pumpkin seed intake, a good dose of pumpkin seeds daily can boost immunity levels.

Pumpkin seeds hold a good source of protein, meaning than these are a perfect post workout snack.

Pumpkin seeds help increase minerals such like ; iron, copper, potassium, magnesium and zinc.

Also recent research has shown that pumpkin seeds can help reduce the rick of diabetes. The seeds contain a mixture of good diet fatty acids.

The best way to prepare and eat pumpkin seeds is by roasting them, then you can add them to salads, eat with cereals or on just as a little snack on their own.


Sunflower  seeds

Are known as the fruit of the flower!

Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of minerals; Iron, manganese, potassium,solarium, calcium and phosphorus.

Sunflower seeds can help by increasing your antioxidant levels .

Bone density building is another benefit we can gain from in taking this little seeds.

Sunflower seeds are normally eaten as a snacks,  great post workout snack as they contain vital amino acids.

Similar to the pumpkin seeds the best way to prepare these seeds are by roasting them. As these seeds contain large percentage of friendly oils they're great for roasting, when baking the oils move to the outer shell and release more intensive and better flavour.


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