What are BCAA's

Protein Powder 

BCAA stands for branch-chain amino acids. BCAA’s consist of three amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine, the absolute most important amino acids for repairing and building muscle tissue.  Leucine is the most important of the three because it is shown to stimulate muscle protein synthesis on its own.  BCAAs have many benefits including muscle growth, increased energy during workouts, decreasing cortisol levels and decreased delayed-onset muscle soreness.

Recommended Dosage

The most important times to intake BCAA’s are times are before, during, and after training. For an effective dosage plan which is aimed at muscle increase follow this simple formal.

Bodyweight and BCAA Intake

  • 68kg  or less - 3 grams before, during, and after training.
  • 69kg or more - 5 grams before, during, and after training.

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