Frightening Side Effects of Too Much Sugar


Sugar is found in most everything we eat. It is found naturally in some foods (such as fruit) and added to others (think desserts and sodas). However, if you consume too much of this sweet substance, it can have some very negative and extremely frightening consequences on your body.

Here are just three of them:

  • Your risk of disease increases. When you take in a lot of sugar on a regular basis, you likely have a weight issue which in and of itself increases your risk of disease. However, sugar also puts your internal body in just the right conditions for illness to take hold and breed. It allows inflammation and infection to grow with no chance of your immune system fighting it off. At a minimum, you will likely suffer more colds and flus if you consume a lot of sugar. At a maximum, you are putting yourself at greater risk of major diseases such as cancer and heart disease.
  • Your teeth rot. It’s long been known that excessive sugar consumption rots your teeth. It promotes decay and cavities in your oral cavity and can leave you with a less than stellar smile. Some people drink their sugary beverages through straws in an attempt to bypass this effect. However, it’s difficult to remove all of the sugar resin from your mouth and you still have the likelihood of tooth issues because of it.
  • You have unstable moods. When you eat sugar, it goes into your bloodstream and raises your blood sugar levels. Your body makes insulin in an attempt to counteract this effect. Often it makes so much that your blood sugar plummets. Essentially, you’re putting your blood sugar on a roller coaster and you’ll notice it in your mood. You’ll be happy one minute (when your blood sugar spikes) and sad the next (when your blood sugar drops). You’ll notice more irritability and higher levels of fatigue.

Too much sugar in your diet is not good for you. It promotes disease, cavities, and mood swings that can affect both your home and work life. Limit your consumption and you’ll be happy, healthy, and have a beautiful smile.

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