Why You Need to Read Food Labels



Go to your cupboard right now and grab a food item out of it. Without looking at the label, do you know what ingredients it contains? If you don’t then you may be mildly shocked by the substances in your food—which are the same ones that are going into your body.

Find Out What Is Really In Your Food

While most of us eat without any thought of what is actually in our food, this mindless action can really harm you. For instance, if you are watching your salt intake because you have high blood pressure, then how effective can you be if you aren’t paying attention to the fact that all of the canned veggies and microwave dinners are loaded with sodium, possibly putting your health at risk simply because you didn’t look? The same goes for sugar.

Foods and Excess Fat

Additionally, a lot of foods have excess fat that you don’t necessarily think about until you take the time to stop and look at the label. The new labels even tell you how much of the total fat is saturated and how much comes from trans fat, making it easier than ever to see how much you’re consuming. As a side note, pay extra close attention to portion sizes because they’re often smaller than you think, which can get you into trouble very quickly.

Dangerous Chemicals In Our Food

Not only can the foods we eat contain substances harmful to our current medical conditions and full of unnecessary fat, they may also contain dangerous chemicals, but you won’t know until you take the time to look for them. One of the most common ones is butylated hydroxytoluene, which is found in some breakfast cereals…as well as in jet fuel and embalming fluid.

Take the time to read your labels so you know what you’re putting in your body. What are some of the ingredients you work to avoid?


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