Bad nutrition can cause stress

Bad nutrition can cause stress - Fitness Health
Bad nutrition can cause stress

Better food and less sugar Having healthy balanced regular meals can help your body deal with stress factors better. Providing your body system with a steady flow of energy throughout the day can reduce stress. Breakfast has to be the most important meal of the day, for the reason it delivers your body with vital energy at the start of the day helping your brain think better and body muscles function faster. Today, breakfast is still the meal people choose to miss, often people tend to rush out the door to get into work without thinking about food it's more common for coffee to be the morning companion. Consuming high sugary foods and drinks can have an increase stress affect on the body, as they deliver high sugar blasts into the blood this often promotes stress upon the body.  Caffeine also can play a big part of controlling stress levels, as coffee, soft drinks, tea are rich with caffeine and all drive up heart palpitations.


A Multivitamin a day can help reduce stress. When your body is under stress often we reduce the vitamin intake within the body often our body depletes with multi vitamins in the body. Breakfast can be easy, two pieces of fruit in the car or a light snack of cereals can be more than enough. Ideally your breakfast meal would contain 400-600kcal, this is so that you keep your energy level top up until lunch. Remember you burn energy in your sleep so skipping breakfast can leave you feeling sleepy, confused and lacking energy.
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