Increase intake on omega-3

Increase intake on omega-3 - Fitness Health

Consuming more fish oil in your diet can help you reach weight loss goals faster, omega 3 rich foods contain fatty acids that can reduce the risks of heart disease and have an ability to help boost the brain.

A recent study took place with 60 obese people over three months in Australian, they were placed into four separate groups.

The first group consumed fish oil but didn’t exercise regularly, the second group exercised three days a week for 45 minutes running and walking. Third group ate fish and exercise and the fourth did neither.

After the results were achieved it was found that the third group, who consumed fish oil whilst exercising lost an average of 2kg over the three month period without having any dietary restrictions. None of the other groups managed to lose weight.

Combining the fish oil intake with exercise helps increase the blood flow to the muscles during exercise, therefore increase the clients fat-burning levels.

Omega-3 can help against hypertension, risks of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and some cancers.


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