Best Way Cooking with Vegetables for Healthy Eating

You may think fruit or vegetables five-a-day guarantees your daily vitamin intake.

The trick is to prepare with care as many vitamins can be lost during preparation. Boiling can effect the vegetable nutrients, over cooking will dissolve the goodness. Vitamin C from vegetables can be destroyed by light, air and any heat above seventy degrees.

Boiling is ideal only for potatoes only, sallow frying is the best method too cook your vegetables. Shallow frying in vegetable oil will help you seal and lock away all vitamin goodness inside the vegetable.

Steaming food is very healthy, just be sure to remember you shouldn’t over steam!

For best results try to keep your vegetables cooked too as the French say; ‘ Al dente’ meaning ‘Crisp to the bite!’

Eating raw vegetables.

You will not be losing any nutrients or minerals eating your vegetables raw. Be warned to first wash and clean your vegetables  before eating. Choose your vegetables wisely, I wouldn’t think that chewing on a raw potato we be the greatest taste in the world, while some other people would disagree.

Remember wash and to always slightly under cook your vegetables to ensure goodness is kept.


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