Alcohol units intake

What is one unit of alcohol?

Alcohol units are used to give us a easy and accurate way of measuring the amount alcohol we consume. Unfortunately many people are confused about the number of units found in many common drinks.

These following calculations can give you an idea of how to measure one unit.

1/2 a pint of ordinary strength beer or larger

1 small glass of wine

1 single measure of spirits

1 small glass of sherry

1 single measure of aperitifs

One unit is equals 10ml or 8 g of alcohol. So large glass of wine or half a pint of cider will contain one and half units.

The number of units we consume often depends on what we are drinking, don’t just take the calculations above and use them to work out your intake. First take into consideration – the percentage of the drink? and whats the size (capacity) ?

British recommendations are two to three units of alcohol a day for women, and three to four units for men.

It’s a good idea to have two or to three alcohol-free days each week.

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