5 tips on how to write your own diet

5 tips on how to write your own diet - Fitness Health


Our busy schedules make it extremely difficult for us to eat on time and eat healthy. We are always in a rush and need a quick fix to our hunger pangs. However, if you really want to stay motivated to lose weight, then making a diet plan for yourself can help a lot.

  1. Download a fitness app

We all know that dieting requires a lot of discipline, even if you are making customised plan that fits your routine. Without proper tracking, your diet can get messed up and do more harm than good.

There is a bunch of fitness apps you can download that have the following features:

  • Diet tracking
  • Calculate calories in your meals
  • Suggest workouts to go with your diet
  • Scan your food to track and record your meals

One prime example of such apps is My Fitness Pal. The app is available for both android and for iOS devices. You can also buy their premium package for a wide range of features.

  1. Look at what’s available

One of the biggest issues people face by having their diet plan written by someone else is that the food items or ingredients given on the plan are not available. Since you are writing the diet yourself, make sure not to go hard on yourself and make a list of meals that require fancy ingredients. Don’t add meals that need you to go out and shop for expensive grocery items that you won’t be using in the longer time.

Add meals like easy salads that include available vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, and lettuce. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, you should also consider the weather and the season and what’s available accordingly. All of these factors contribute to the ease of following the diet plan. The easier the diet, the more motivated you will be to follow it.

  1. Stock up your recipes

A huge problem we struggle with is the lack of ideas and recipes we have for our diet plan. If you are determined to follow a diet strictly, make sure to first gather up all the possible recipes. You cannot eat regular meals and will have to prepare diet food for yourself. Search on google, talk to a nutritionist and use mobile fitness apps to learn about calories in different ingredients. This can help you make new, healthier recipes.

  1. Decide a schedule

When you go on a diet, just changing your eating habits is not all that will change your weight or body measurements. Instead, going on a diet is a change of lifestyle that requires changes in other aspects of life as well. You must be willing to fix and change your routine and everyday schedule. This means that your diet plan will have to specify the time of the day you will have your lunch and snacks. For dinner, schedule is extremely important as you must not eat dinner later at night. Make sure you have sufficient intervals between your meals, at least of 2 hours.

  1. Understand how to control portion sizes

You can overeat healthy foods and not lose a pound. This is because people do not understand the importance of portion sizes. The idea is to eat healthier alternatives in controlled quantities rather than in huge amounts.

You can use many techniques to reduce your portion size. One way to reduce your portion size is to use your hands as a measure of how much you will need, for example, eating a handful of nuts for snack. Meanwhile, using smaller plates or dinnerware can also help reduce portion size.


Summing it up, with google available to us 24/7 and advanced fitness apps on our phones, making our own diet plan is not going to be difficult. Follow the above mentioned steps to stay motivated and shed the extra pounds.


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