how to cook the perfect boiled egg


Boiling the perfect egg is not the easiest task to complete, a soft yolk is a tricky achievement. often more than not problems can happen such like the eggs not being cooked all the way through or you can come into difficulty peeling the egg shell once cooked. 


My main tip on boiling the egg  is to make sure that the temperature of the water is at boiling point before adding the eggs, this is my trick for boiling the prefect egg and will save you heaps of time on the peeling process. 


Place a pan of water on the hob at full heat, wait until the water reaches boiling point. Add your eggs to the pan,  making sure you don't drop or throw them in to the pan,  use a ladle to place each egg into the water this will reduce the risk of the shell breaking when placing them in the saucepan. 

Once all the eggs are emerged in the water start the timer and cook for seven minutes, after four minutes of cooking reduce the heat by half  and cook until the timer reaches the seven minute bell. 

Remove the eggs from the boiling water by draining them with a colander then run cold water over the eggs immediately this will help the separation of the shell from the egg for peeling, I find the sudden temperature drop ensures that when you come to peel the egg shell after cooking the process will be a lot simpler. 

Next is the tricky peeling process, make sure you genitally tap the whole egg breaking all the outer shell, then press and roll the egg on a hard surface to crack the shell on the egg,  do this by rolling the egg and apply pressure. Once the egg is well cracked remove the outer shell, I do this under running water  from the I find this helps with the removal of the shell.  

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