Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Happy

              Your vision is a very important sense that it can be hard to do without. If you want to keep youreyes functioning at the best of their ability, below are ten tips that can help keep your vision goodand your eyes healthy. 1. Eye Exams: When I list “eye exams”, I really mean regular eye exams. You should have youreyes tested at least every two years, even if you don’t notice any problems. The best way toprevent issues with your eyes is to detect vision problems before they begin to be noticeable. 2. Keep Them On: If you have been prescribed glasses or contact lenses following an eye exam,than it is important that you wear them as often as you are supposed to. If your doctor has toldyou to wear them when reading, always wear them when reading anything. Vision problems willworsen if you don’t wear them as often as your doctor has recommended. 3. Keep Lenses Clean: If you’ve been prescribed contacts, then it’s important that you keepthem clean using contact lens solution. To avoid protein deposits and a build-up of bacteria, it’salso important that you change your contacts as often as scheduled. 4. Protection from the Sun: If you spend time outdoors, then you should protect your eyesagainst the harsh and harmful rays of the sun with sunglasses. To best protect your eyes fromthe damage that the sun can provide, be sure to choose sunglasses that have 100% protectionagainst UV-rays. 5. Change Cases: For those who have contacts, you should change your contact casesevery three months. Bacteria can build up in these cases, and keeping them beyond theirrecommended time can result in eye infections. 6. Eat Healthy: What you eat plays a big part in your vision and over-all eye health. In order tokeep your eyes as healthy as possible try and avoid the junk food. Instead turn to foods that arerich in Vitamins E, A, and C as well as those that contain selenium, zinc, and folic acid. 7. Make a Switch: If you frequently wear contacts, try to switch back and forth between contactsand glasses to provide your eyes a chance to breathe with needed oxygen exposure. 8. Take a Break: If you spend a lot of time working at the computer, your eyes may easilybecome strained. Do your vision a favour and take frequent breaks, giving your eyes a chance torelax. Keep your eyes at least 30 cm away from the computer screen. 9. Lighting Problems: If you plan to read, make sure that you do it in an environment that won’tput strain on your eyes. While reading in the dark can be harmful to your vision, trying to see thewords on a bright page can also be a strain. To best protect your eyes, only read in environmentsthat have a balanced source of lighting. Just like using a computer, you should keep your eyes atleast 30 cm away from your book or paper when reading. 10. Coloured Contacts: For those who have contacts, wearing different colours can be a funway to add interest to their daily life. While coloured contacts should pose no problems to youreyes, these should be ordered through your eye doctor who can tell you if contacts are right foryou and can provide you with the type that you need. is your complete optical store. We design, produce and distribute a wide selectionof eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses and accessories for you and your entire family. Withour online model we are proud to offer consumers an affordable, convenient, friendly option forhigh quality brand name and private label vision care products. This and more can be found at:
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