Why Eating Organic Foods Is Better For You

Why Eating Organic Foods Is Better For You - Fitness Health


Why Eating Organic Foods Is Better For You

You may find yourself in the organic food section of the supermarket and wonder what makes them so different than the non-organic options. They look the same, so why should you pay the extra expense for something that appears to not be any different?

The Benefits Are On the Inside

The reason organic foods are better for you has nothing to do with their appearance and everything to do with what they contain on the inside. Actually, it is more of what they don’t contain that matters.

Organic foods are foods that weren’t grown with any pesticides or chemical enhancers. This might not seem like a big deal to you if you’ve always eaten non-organic foods, but the fewer unnatural substances you put in your body the better. Remember that whatever is in the food you eat gets absorbed in your body – even the stuff that isn’t good for you.

Additionally, organic foods are not genetically modified. Some growers and farmers modify their crops and animals so that they grow bigger or produce more. While this may seem harmless enough, proponents of genetically modified foods argue that if you start messing with Mother Nature, there is going to be negative consequences, such as medical conditions that may not appear for years to come.

How Do You Know If Something Is Organic?

Due to regulations on packaging and labeling, something has to be all natural (no chemicals or preservatives used) in order to be labeled as organic. Therefore, you can ensure that you’re getting the foods you want with nothing in them that you don’t want.

If you’re shopping at a farmer’s market or something isn’t labeled, just ask. If it is organic, the supplier or farmer will be more than willing to provide that type of information.

Do your body good and feed it only natural, wholesome food. In other words, eat organic.

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