Homemade Pate Recipe




200g Chicken livers

2 large onions – sliced

2 Sprigs of Thyme – leaves

2 cloves fresh Garlic – crushed

Whiskey – 20 ml

½ cup of cream


Take off fat from chicken livers and  place pan on medium heat.

Add olive oil into pan and add garlic, onions &bay leaves , stir for 2 minutes then add chicken livers , keep stirring every 3 minutes until livers change to a light brown colour .

Add fresh thyme and whisky the mix then allow 15minutes  on medium heat cooking.

Season with black pepper then place into blending machine, blend then add cream until soft texture
Place into cling filmed mould leave in cool area for 30 minutes then cover and place into fridge.

I served this recipe with balsamic onions follow here for the recipe

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