How to Stop Making Excuses and Start Making Changes

When you set a goal that is difficult to reach, like losing weight or getting fit and healthy, it can be tempting to justify why you are the way you are instead of making changes. While there may be some solid reasons that your journey to your goal has been difficult, they are simply that: reasons. Once you let them become excuses, all they will do is hold you back and ensure that you never reach your fitness goals – ever.

So how do you stop making excuses for your current physical condition and start to take positive, life changing actions? It all starts with your mindset.

Keep Moving Forward

When you embark on a journey of change, you decide whether or not you will be successful. Sure, the path may end up being different than you envisioned it, but it is up to you to choose to continue to move forward or to give up and take steps backward or stay where you are. As long as you are continuously taking steps in the right direction though, you’ll get there eventually.

Don’t Let Failure Be an Option

The one problem with ‘trying’ to lose weight or ‘trying’ to get into shape is that you’ve given yourself a built in out. You are essentially saying to yourself that you will strive to reach your goal but you’re fairly certain you won’t see success. In the wise words of Yoda, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Don’t let failure be an option and it won’t be.

Never Give Up

Change is a difficult process. You will test every ounce of energy and strength in your body while trying to modify behaviors and thoughts you’ve likely carried for a long time. Remember that the harder the journey the sweeter the reward, so all you are doing by persevering is ensuring that you’ll have a real happy ending once you reach your goal.

It’s time for you to stop making excuses and start making changes. Change your mindset to allow for these three new thoughts and you will be well on your way to seeing it happen.


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