3 Simple Ways to Make Drinking Water More Appealing


Everyone knows that they should drink 7 to 10 glasses of water a day, but that can get boring real quick. Sometimes you just long for something different – something that satisfies your taste buds as much as it does your body.

Here are three simple ways to take your drinking water from dull and boring to so full of flavor that your mouth wants to sing:

  • Add fruits or veggies to it. To get flavor without calories, you can slice up fruit or veggies and add them either to your whole pitcher or individual glass. If it is sweetness you like, you may want to try oranges, strawberries or watermelon and if you prefer a little tart, lemon and lime work great. For crisp, refreshing water, consider adding cucumbers or celery stalks. Experiment with different fruits and veggies and see which ones you like. (Just make sure that you clean the outside of whatever you decide to put in your water so that you’re not adding bacteria with the flavor.)


  • Try different temperatures. No one says you can only drink water at one specific temperature so play around a bit and see what suits you best. Make it cold with lots of ice, or sip it at room temperature if you wish. You can also warm it up just as you would a cup of coffee or tea, without worrying about caffeine related jitters. As a side note, adding fruits and veggies to warm or hot water makes them taste even different yet, so you may find that you prefer certain additions to specific temperature water.


  • Buy a bottle or glass that you love to drink it in. Having a new water bottle or glass is like being a kid with a new toy. It’s something that you want by your side at all times because it is shiny and new. So, if you are bored with your current water container, get a new one and reignite your passion to drink water all day long.

Water is the best beverage you could ever drink. Try these suggestions and you’ll find it easy to meet (and maybe even exceed) your daily quota!

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