Why Sleep is a Necessity, Not a Luxury


When it comes to getting adequate amounts of shuteye, most people view it as a bonus, not a requirement. However, if this is your point of view, read on because you may just reconsider your position.

First, sleep is when your body best heals itself. This is when it isn’t engaged in twenty other activities and can actually slow down enough to concentrate on making itself better. Not only is this true in times of sickness (such as in colds, broken bones or major illness), but it is also true in times of health so don’t count out its importance if you feel okay.A lot of times there are things going on inside your body that you’re completely unaware of.

You may not have any symptoms of being sick so you think you’re fine. However, a lot of health conditions cannot be detected by feelings alone (think high cholesterol and the beginning stages of cancer) so you shouldn’t just ignore your future health if you think your current health is okay. It may not be.

Second, proper rest strengthens your immune system. Not only does sleep heal any current health issues, it also works to prevent future ones as well. Studies show that people who are well rested suffer fewer health ailments. That’s why people who don’t get quality sleep tend to get sick more often.

Third, sleep is necessary to help you focus. Have you ever spent a sleepless night taking care of a sick child and tried to concentrate at work the next day? It’s very difficult, right? Well, if you aren’t getting the sleep your body needs to recharge its battery, you are going to be less efficient and effective at everything you do. This includes both work and home.

Don’t look at sleep as a luxury, because it isn’t. Make it a priority to get your recommended 7-9 hours of slumber per night and you’ll notice how much easier life becomes. You’ll have the stamina and health to do all of the things you’ve set out to do.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll finally be able to cross some things off that bucket list!

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