Fitness Hobbies for Women


Would you like to have a fun, interesting hobby that also helps you drop a few pounds? Are you tired of spending all of your fitness time in the gym, performing the same routine day after day after day when you really want to engage in an activity that excites and electrifies you?

Fitness should be something that invigorates your mind just as much as it does your body. It should make you feel so good inside and out that you just can’t wait until your next session. Well, what better way to achieve that goal than to incorporate getting into shape with an activity that you wouldn’t mind taking up as a hobby?

Here are just a few “hobbies” you may want to consider that will increase your fitness levels just as much as they will your levels of happiness:

Gardening. Although you wouldn’t necessarily think of tending to the flowers and shrubs as something that is going to get you into shape, gardening is actually a decent calorie burner. If you’re a 150 pound woman who is 5’5, for instance, you’ll burn approximately 240 calories for every hour that you spend trimming and planting. Not only will you be looking good after a few sessions, but so will your landscape.

Hiking. You don’t have to strap on a 50-pound backpack and head to the middle of a rainforest to get a good workout on a hike. Simply find some local trails and go exploring. Any amount of changing elevation will challenge your body and stimulate your mind at the same time.

Bicycling. Just as hiking is a wonderful hobby with all of the fresh air and new scenery, so too is bicycling. Find some local paths and see the world from atop two wheels. Just be sure to wear your helmet to protect yourself in the event that you come across some rough terrain and take a tumble.

Climbing. If you like a hobby that gets your heart rate up, then you may want to consider climbing. Of course, it depends on where you live as to whether or not this is an option, but there’s always indoor climbing to consider. Whether you’re on real rock or fake, you’ll definitely burn some calories and have a lot of fun in the process.

Try one of these suggestions or find your own so you can get into shape and enjoy yourself at the same time. That’s the best fitness plan of all, don’t you think?

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