How Film Stars Lose Weight


film start weight lossDo you ever watch a movie and admire the main characters for their ability to look so fit and trim? And, do you wonder how it is that they obtained that body? After all, even though they may be playing a superhero on the screen, they are still human, right?

Actors and actresses may look like they were born with the perfect physique, but most of them struggle with keeping their figure the same as you or I. A few of them have even made their struggles public and told the rest of the world how it is that they managed to lose weight and get into shape, giving you a few pointers on how to do the same.

Here are just a few of their methods:

  • Watching what (and how much) you eat. Actress and singer Jennifer Hudson is not only the spokesperson for Weight Watchers, but she also managed to lose 80 pounds on their program. They focus on eating healthy foods, exercising portion control and making emotional eating a thing of the past. When you put food in its place, your weight will fall into place too.
  • Getting regular exercise. Khloe Kardashian, famous sister to Kim and Kourtney, lost 20 pounds simply by joining her husband in indoor and outdoor workouts, with varying routines to keep her body guessing. Mix up your activities so that your fitness continues to progress, giving you the weight loss and tone you want (and deserve).
  • Making lifestyle changes. Celebrities are busy people too, but actresses Jennie Garth still managed to lose 30 pounds by staying committed to her health and fitness by making small lifestyle changes to her diet and exercise routine. She ate healthier foods (and less of them) in addition to adding physical activity where she could. This gave her a 1-2 pound weight loss weekly which is exactly what you want to aim for to not only lose weight, but keep it off for good.

Sure, some celebrities take drastic and sometimes crazy approaches to weight loss, but the fact still remains that if you want to lose weight once and for all, it involves proper eating, exercise and looking at it as a lifestyle change. Do these three things and you can get a screen-worthy body too.

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