Top 5 Energy Foods


You know that feeling in the middle of the day when you feel like it should be time to start packing it up and heading home, but you look up at the clock and it’s really only 2 in the afternoon? Now I know what you are thinking, “ time to resort to an unhealthy energy drink filled with dangerous stimulants and rocket fuel”, but I have five healthy alternatives that will give you that extra kick you need to make it through the rest of the day.


1. Water

Yes I know that water is not a food, but I promise you this is number one for a reason. Water accounts for approximately 60% of your body weight. Your organs and all vital systems require water in order to function properly. Dehydration can cause various bodily systems to slow down, making you to feel sluggish, tired and irritable. Instead of reaching for a sugary soda or so called “healthy” energy drink filled with harmful artificial sweeteners, fill up a class of nature’s energy drink, good old H2O.

2. Apples

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, and also an apple a day keeps the fatigue away! Apples are nutrient super fruits that are packed with vitamins and minerals. Apples have healthy natural sugars and carbs that will give you that instant pick me up.


3. Almonds

Yes, these weird looking nuts can give you a great energy boost! Almonds are high in calories and good fats, so all you need is about 14 in order to boost your mental alertness. This alertness can be attributed to the omega-3 and omega- 6 nutrients that are in almonds. Almonds also contain high amounts of magnesium which helps the body turn sugar into energy.

4. Yogurt and oats

Now I am not talking about commercial Yoplait and Quaker quick oats. I’m talking about all natural plain yogurt with some gluten free rolled oats. Combined yogurt and oats provide long lasting energy via their complex carbs. Yogurt also yields great digestive support to help these carbs absorb more effectively.

5. Hard boiled egg

An easy snack to bring to the office when already shelled. Eat two or three of these protein packed snacks and get ready to get back to work. Not only will the protein in eggs boost your energy but eggs are also high in energy yielding vitamin B-12.



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