Water For Fitness and Keeping Yourself Hydrated

Water For Fitness
Water For Fitness and Hydration

Water For Fitness and Hydration

Unlike the situation with many other nutrients, it is impossible to set a general requirement for water. Communal knowledge and folklore have placed the need anywhere sandwiched between 1.9 litres to 7.5 litres. Both may well be true, depending on the circumstances.

The truth is that water needs adjust based on a multiplicity of factors counting setting, sweating, body surface area, calorie intake, body size, and lean muscle tissue, prompting tremendous disparities. The basic aim of liquid intake is to elude dehydration, that is to say, preserve fluid equilibrium. The state of fluid balance occurs when the water that goes missing from the body through urine, forfeiture from skin and lungs, and through excrement is replaced. The mechanism of thirst is activated at (roughly) 1% dehydration. As a consequence, subscribing to fluid consumption grounded on thirst works rather well to retain fluid balance. Nevertheless, the standard recommendation frequently ranges from 1.4 litres to 2.6 litres a day for the typical person, irrespective of gender.

Percentages of dehydration and signs.

  • 1% loss = thirsty
  • 2-3% loss = body heat grows higher
  • 4% loss = decrease in endurance performance 20%-30%
  • 5-6% loss = Heat cramp, chill or nausea
  • 6-10% loss  = dizziness or headaches
  • 10% + loss = heat stroke, can’t sweat or pass urine
 Keeping Yourself Hydrated

Most of use only notice the first stages when we start exercise as we often we immediately go into dehydration levels 1-3% loss when starting. To make sure that you stay hydrated you need to drink water every 10-15 minutes during exercise, as it  normally takes 9-18 minutes for the water travel to the skin and transferring into sweat resulting in water loss.


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