Gym or Home Workouts ?


Which is better Gym or Home Workouts?

This is a very common question in the fitness world but there is not one definitive answer. The better workout environment depends completely on a personal basis.

Below is a comparison of gym and home workouts.

Personally, going to the gym is an absolute thrill and I look forward to it everyday. Working out at a local gym has this effect on many people. It gets you out of the house and around people who have similar goals. This is a huge advantage to gym workouts because it fuels your desire to change. If you have a personal gym at home, it’s just kind of there waiting for you to walk downstairs and use it. When the majority of people are attempting to get serious about their weight loss they go hard for one week then the thousands of dollars worth of equipment sits for months at end. If you have troubles getting the motivation to work out I would definitely recommend getting a gym membership, but if you are a total fitness mogul a home gym is completely ok. Especially if fitting a workout in is a concern of yours a home gym is better. Home gyms allow for a more condensed workout time. Instead of having to drive to the gym with the potential distraction of chatting it up with everyone, you can get down to business right at home as fast as possible. With a home gym you can also work out at whatever time you want to. Depending on what gyms your town has the hours might not work with your schedule. Obviously in a gym there is workout equipment. A gym allows for a much larger selection of equipment than a home gym, but a home gym may contain all you need for your personal goals. The variety in a gym allows for different work outs and different types of exercising. The downfall of this is if your gym is busy. Now you have to wait for your desired equipment, delaying your workout. With a home gym there is no waiting, just work getting done.

What about price tags?

Let’s face it, gym equipment is very expensive. Putting together a decent home gym is easily going to cost a couple of thousand dollars. A gym membership is much more affordable in the short term. To see the long term comparison you are going to have to calculate the numbers based on the equipment you need and the price of your local gym.

These are just a few of the factors to determine if gym or home workouts are better. As you can see it all depends on the lifestyle you are living. Which one do you prefer?



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