Help Achieving Your Dream Weight


Helping you Achieve Your Dream Weight
People often try diets and weight loss programs to lose weight, when the truth of the matter this is not the best way to achieve your goal. In order for your body to  lose weight you must first adjust exercise routine. If you want to burn  more fat and lose weight  you need to build muscle. Diets and weightloss programs work but often they don’t remove the fat they often remove the muscle.  

The weight of muscle is more than fat. The weights  ;

Fat 0.9g per unit

Muscle 1.1g per unit

Diet programs normally target muscle mass instead of fat. The main reason is  because the dieter will achieve their weight reduction goal faster.

Most of the time these diets are causing more harm than good to your body. Normally It takes our body three months to lose muscle mass. This can process can happen from lack of mobility (exercising) or from dieting.

Gaining muscle is most important. The more muscle you gain the more fat you burn ! and the less muscle you have the less fat you will burn.  No amazing dieting trick, the way to lose weight is to workout and eat good balance meals three times per day.

Avoid Muscle Atrophy-

Muscle atrophy - the result of loss of muscle mass.

For your workout

Doing the same workout, week in, week out, will leave you with fewer gains.  Focus on changing your exercises regularly during every routine.

Different exercises will focus on using different muscle groups. Failing to incorporate any new techniques and changing your workout, such like; exercise, number of reps, increasing weight or changing body position can be bad and  will simply lead to training with no muscular benefits.

Changing reps, sets, movement, exercise and intensity are essential for muscular growth.

If no change is applied during your workout then only benefit will you gain will be increasing the cardio-fitness which will help decrease your muscle mas

1.Less is more

Less is often more, instead of sitting down and eating three large meals, try eating healthy smaller meals throughout the day. This is easier for the stomach to digest and stops leaving you with that bloated tired feeling, this eating pattern  helps stabilise blood levels and beats those cravings you feel sometimes during the day.

2.Reward yourself

Give yourself something to look forward to, reward yourself now and then. Set small goals during the week ! work towards completing these small goals which should be achievable.

Rewards should occur every 2-3 days, rewards can be anything you  choose. Weather buying new clothes or maybe even maybe consuming a small bar of chocolate, give yourself something to work towards and look forward to completing!

3.Resist temptation

Don’t let yourself get out of shape, its good to relax and take breaks from training plans. But try to keep a balanced diet during the week and limit your treats on the weekends. Remember the effort it takes to loss weightand how mkuch effort it take to gain weight!

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