3 All Natural Ways to Deal with Anxiety


There are times when we all feel anxious. Maybe you have a very important business meeting that must go right or perhaps you’re waiting to hear if you’re preapproved for your first home loan. While it’s natural to have some excited tension during times such as these, the problem comes in when you experience excessive amounts of anxiety over a continual period of time with no relief in sight.

Not only does recurrent concern wreak havoc on your mind and attitude, but it also physically affects your body just like too much stress does. It weakens your immune system and leaves an open door for unwanted health conditions. It raises blood pressure and makes it harder to be effective, both personally and professionally.

Some drugs are certainly beneficial for people who suffer from extreme anxiety, but what options are there for someone that doesn’t want to put unnatural substances in their body in the name of health? Luckily there are a few and here are three in particular:

1: Exercise. Although most people don’t prefer to make physical activity a regular part of their day, there are many, many benefits of getting your heart rate up and working your muscles. It causes your body to release feel-good endorphins, you’re able to release some frustrations and you have a sense of accomplishment – all of which help you reduce your anxiety levels.

2: Meditation. Research has shown repeatedly that meditation is just as effective at easing angst as exercise is. As far back as 1978 a study was published in Cognitive Therapy and Research outlining this very fact. So, take time daily to sit alone with your thoughts and you’ll feel better almost instantly.

3: Talking. Although a lot of people like to feel tough enough to handle their own worries, talking it out with a trusted friend or advisor has some benefits. They can validate your feelings and even help you problem solve ways to deal with your situation.

Try one, or all, of these simple alternatives today and you’ll notice your anxiety begin to melt away. You’ve got nothing to lose other than the weight of the world on your shoulders, and how good would that feel?

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