Surviving Seasonal Allergies

Do spring and autumn not only signify seasons of change to you, but also itchy, watery eyes and noseuncontrollable sneezing and irritating nasal congestion? Would you love more than anything to be able to make it through these annual time frames without the pain and suffering you inevitably endure year in and year out?

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, it’s easy to dread themonths of March through May and September through November. The air you breathe during the course of these six months that is necessary for very life is the same air that includes all the toxins that your body reacts to. It can be maddening to say the least.

Although there is nothing you can do to change the fact that you have season allergies, there are other things you can do to bring yourself a bit of peace from them. They include:

Use an air purifierWhile you certainly can’t controlMother Nature and when she decides to release certain allergens into the air, you do have some control over the air that is in your home. Put an air purifier in your bedroom so you can breathe easily while you sleep or, if you work from home, put one next to your desk where you spend a lot of time. At least you’ll be breathing some clean air daily.


Increase the humidityIf the air inside your house is too dry, the allergens have an easier time remaining air borne and creating issues for you. However, if you put some humidity in the air, it will help drop the allergens andprovide you a little bit of comfort.


Clean often. No matter how tightly closed you keep yourhouse, allergens will still get in through the ventilation system and with the regular opening and closing of doors. So, during allergy season, you may want to dust and vacuum more often to pick some of these body invaders up and move them out.


Use a nasal rinse. When allergens get caught in your nasal cavity that is when you’re going to feel their effects. Therefore, removing them daily through a warm saline nasal rinse can provide you a lot of relief. There are many different neti pots and saline irrigation systems available at drug stores and retail stores, so pick one up today and begin to breathe easier tomorrow.

Allergies may be a surety in your life, but that doesn’t mean that they have to get the better of you. Do the things suggested above and hopefully you’ll spend allergy season a little more comfortably.

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