better sex life keeps you healthy

Better Sex life keeps you healthy

Sex provides the best heavenly pleasure to both men and women. A better sex life can keep you healthy in many ways. Lets us check how it helps.

1) Burn Calories:

Sex helps in burning calories. Those who frequently have sex, burn quite a lot of calories. It means that sex is a great form of exercise. One can burn more than eighty-five calories in 30 minutes of sex. More time you invest in sex, more calories you lose.

2) Reduces stress:

Sex helps in reducing the stress level. According to a research, the stress level in people who had sex decreased considerably than in people who didn’t have intercourse.

3) Improves Immunity:

Sex helps in enhancing the immunity which protects us from various infections and also from cold.

A research study done on college students revealed that those students who had sex at least once a week had better immunity level.

4) Decreases Blood Pressure:

Sex helps in reducing the blood pressure. According to a research, the blood pressure of people who had sex quite often was checked and it was found that their diastolic blood pressure had reduced.

5) Improves Self-Esteem;

People who indulge in frequent intercourse have very high self esteem. It improves their confidence level and self belief.

6) Good for heart;

Sex is extremely good for heart because it reduces the chances of getting a heart attack. According to a research study, the chances of getting a heart attack in men who had sex more than two times in a week were quite less than those men who had sex once in a month.

7) Get Intimate:

 Sex helps in boosting the love hormone known as Oxytocin. According to a research, Oxytocin level increased in women who had sexual contact with their partners.

8) Get rid of pain:

 Sex helps in killing body pain. After sex, you will get major relief from arthritis pain or headache. Due to sex, Oxytocin enhances endorphins, which acts as a painkiller.

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